ContactImporter is able to import exported gmail contacts to a mobile phone's address book. Currently the application supports the LG CU500 phone. Also the java permissions on the phone must be modified as described in this thread on HowardForums. This application started out as something I threw together to get my contacts onto my phone (it hasn't progressed much past there but it does its job well). When discussing the application with different people some interest was mentioned so I decided to release it. The source code is currently uploaded so feel free to browse the subversion repo.

You can now download the file here

Update with version 0.4. This version imports the notes into the notes field as well as emails and telephone numbers. It also attempts to import Fax and Pager numbers, but it will not import both of these. See this thread on howard forms for more info

I plan on having basic instructions on how to use the simple application on this site as well.